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Workshops on trust and cosmopolitanism in May and June 2012

The Poverty Politics Research Group will host two international workshops in Norway in May and June 2012 -- one on the notion of trust and the other dealing with cosmopolitanism.

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The first workshop is entitled "The Entangled Tensions of Intimacy, Trust and the Social" and will bring together a number of international researchers for a two-day gahtering at Hotel Admiral in Bergen between 18 and 20 May 2012. This workshop is funded by and related to Vigdis Broch-Due's project "The Effects of Marginalization and Violence on Psychosocial Health".

The second workshop "The Meanings and Uses of Cosmopolitanism" -- held at the Hotel Admiral in Bergen between 21 and 24 June 2012 -- is co-organized by Kathinka Frøystad and Vigdis Broch-Due and is related to their joint project "Cosmopolitanism and Its Paradoxes: Diversity, Development and the Divine".

Participation in both workshops are by invitation only.