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Klasseleiing i digitale klasserom

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This study focuses on what kind of new management strategies teachers need to develop in light of the large scale implementation of ICT in Norwegian classrooms. This has become more pressing as a result of the new educational reform, Knowledge Promotion (KD, 2006) where digital skills is now the fifth basic competence in all subjects at all levels (stage 1-13, 6-19 years). Consequently, Norwegian schools are infiltrated with new technology, and obligatory ICT in all subjects is in many ways making it a time of upheaval for the traditional way of teaching and class management. The introduction of this national curriculum and 1 pupil pr. laptop creates a situation where the pedagogical and didactical conditions in Norwegian classrooms have changed considerably and there is a urgent need to carry out research on a micro-level within this area.

Research question:

What kind of new skills of class management are required to be a teacher in the digitized school of today?


The study is designed as a mixed method study with both surveys, interviews and observation

This project is financially supported by the Ministry of Knowledge.

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