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More than 3,400 former University of Bergen students have registered on UiB’s alumni home page. The goal is to register 5,000 alumni before UiB’s alumni day, 12 September 2015.
In 2014, 218 new doctorates were conferred at the University of Bergen.
According to an international panel of experts, the development-related research and education at the University of Bergen is of an excellent international standard.
The University of Bergen welcomes 359 new international students in the spring semester 2015. The number has increased by 80 students from spring 2014. This is the highest number of international students ever admitted at UiB in a spring semester.
In its January 2015 edition, National Geographic magazine has a 22 page article, Origins of Art, showing the research of UiB archaeologist Christopher Henshilwood.
Many targets have been met in several regions, but progress in other areas is far from sufficient. What strategies do we need for the global society of the future to ensure sustainable development, including for poor countries? This will be the theme for the summer research school in Bergen in 2015.