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Doctoral education - Early stage

You will find information about important things to remember in the early stage of your PhD study here.

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Applying for the PhD study

Each candidate must apply for admission to the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. An application for admission to the PhD programme must normally be submitted within two (2) months after employment or the start of the research project that will lead to the PhD degree.

The practical procedures for enrolment takes place at the Department of Chemistry and the formal enrolment takes place at the Faculty.

Please see all necessary information about the enrolment, including the application form, at the MatNat-Faculty's PhD web page in Norwegian or English

Please be aware of the requirements for the PhD project description (found on the bottom of this page).

The application form with attachments is submitted to the PhD coordinator at the Department of Chemistry.

International candidates: Documentation of academic background

International candidates who do not have a Master’s degree from the University of Bergen must show original diplomas and transcripts in the original language and in English to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Please contact the PhD coordinator at the Department of Chemistry for more information.

Presentation of the PhD project to the Board for Doctoral Education

After application submission, the formal enrolment to the PhD study takes place after a meeting of the Board for Doctoral Education. Each candidate must present his/her PhD project for the Board in a 15 minutes presentation (max 15 minutes). After the presentation, the board members have the opportunity to ask questions. At least one of the members of the advisory committee must be present along with the candidate. The date for the board meeting is set by the Head of the Board and the candidate and supervisors will be notified in due time.

Admission letter

When the candidate is formally enrolled to the PhD study, the candidate and the principal supervisor will receive an admission letter from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. 

PhD agreement

The candidate must submit the Agreement relating to inclusion in the organised training of researchers no later than one month after the admission letter is received.

PhD Agreement form in Norwegian and in English.

Student web - Study right and courses

Before formal enrolment, the candidate will be assigned a pre-PhD study right. When the formal enrolment to the PhD study is completed, the candidate will get a regular PhD study right. Each candidate will get an account in Studentweb which provides access to courses and other parts of the training component. The personal study plan will be updated along with the completion of the individual elements in the training component. Contact the PhD coordinator at the Department of Chemistry as soon as possible to obtain access to the student web.


Log on to studenweb: 11-digit Norwegian personal number + pin code. If you miss one or both of these, please contact the PhD coordinator at Department of Chemistry.