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Signers of various sign languages

The project “Fundamentals of formal properties of nonmanuals: A quantitative approach” (NONMANUAL) is funded by the European Research Council, PI: Vadim Kimmelman. It will run from January 2023 to December 2027.

The project will study facial expressions and body and head movements in five different sign languages, using large datasets, Computer Vision and advanced statistical analysis.

Project Abstract
Illustration of landmark tracking

Project abstract

Read a short summary of NONMANUAL here.

Photo of the participants of the mini-conference on sign languages

Mini-conference on sign linguistics at UiB

Mini-conference on sign linguistics gathers researchers from UiB and several other universities.

graph of headshake

Pilot studies

Several pilot studies have been conducted as part of preparation for NONMANUAL.

Literary analysis with Computer Vision
Snapshot from a liteary piece in Lithuanian Sign Language

Analyzing Literary Texts in Lithuanian Sign Language

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