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Event | Pink Ribbon run

Centre for Nutrition at the Pink ribbon run (Rosa sløyfe-løpet)

The Centre for Nutrition took part in the Pink ribbon run for the first time.

Rosa sløyfe-løpet
Pink ribbon run: The PhD-candidates Anthea Van Parys, Ingeborg Eskerud, Hanna Fjeldheim Dale and Marte Trollebø participated at the Pink ribbon run to support breast cancer awareness.

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Although the weather was very typical for Bergen, four PhD-candidates (Hanna Fjeldheim Dale, Marte Trollebø, Ingeborg Eskerud and Anthea Van Parys) from the Centre for Nutrition gathered at Festplassen to support the Pink ribbon cause. After a 3 or 6 km run through the rainy streets of Bergen, all four candidates made it to the finish line and received a medal.