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KEFF Conference 2019

This years' KEFF conference was held in Bergen on the 18th and 19th of March and was a great success with over 220 participants.

KEFF-konferansen 2019
GREAT SUCCESS: The KEFF conference was a great success with a total of over 220 participants.
Vegard Lysne

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The conference of the Norwegian Associations of Clinical Dietitians 2019 took place in Bergen on the 18th and 19th of March and was organized by Vegard Lysne, Hanne Rosendahl-Riise, Marte Almenning Trollebø (maternity leave), Ingrid Revheim, Cathrine Horn, Helene Dahl, Hanna Fjeldheim Dale and Caroline Jensen from the Centre for Nutrition, UiB.  

The conference already started on Sunday with a hike to the top of Bergen’s tallest city mountain. Several participants enjoyed a sunny walk up mount Ulriken under the guidance of Cathrine and Ingrid. Later that evening two pre-symposia were held by Nestlé Health Science and Nutricia respectively.

Dr. Sharon Kirkpatrick from the University of Waterloo in Canada opened the conference with an exciting talk on measurement error in dietary data, a well-known problem in nutritional research. Afterwards, pofessor Jutta Dierkes from the Centre for Nutrition guided the participants through the field of biomarkers for dietary intake. The rest of the conference was filled with sessions on a wide range of thrilling subjects. Clinical dieticians, researchers, students and PhD-candidates from all over Norway presented to their colleagues themes such as chronic illness, nutritional status, overweight, nutritional screening, contaminants in seafood, epidemiology, Nutrition Care Process (NCP) and nutrition in clinical practice. 

During the breaks, the participants had the opportunity to visit many exhibitors in the food and medical sector or to take a closer look at the large number of scientific posters. On the final day, prices for best oral and best poster presentation were awarded to students Eirin Semb Gjerde and Åslaug Oddsdatter Matre respectively for their bachelor projects. Congratulations!

Not only the content but also the ecological footprint of this conference was a top priority for the organizing committee. Lunch provided by Lunsjkollektivet was packed in a recyclable box and was meat-free, re-usable sporks were used instead of plastic cutlery and main sponsor Orkla Health sponsored re-usable coffee cups. 

The conference was a big success with over 220 participants. We would like to thank the ten bachelor students in nutrition for their help behind the scenes. Finally, we would like to thank the organizing committee for their hard work and congratulate them with a fantastic conference!

Next years' KEFF conference will be held in Oslo.