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OceanStates is collaborating with several research and creative groups in the Pacific, who have carried on important Pacific-based research in 2020-2021. This page will feature information on these projects as they develop.

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The Ma'ohi Nui project

The Ma’ohi Nui project is headed by Vehia Wheeler, who is co-founder of Sustainable Oceania Solutions (SOS) and Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leader for Tahiti in 2020. In collaboration with the Island Lives, Ocean States, Vehia and her research team are collecting ocean stories among the people of Ma'ohi Nui (French Polynesia), aiming in their work to re-story the ocean; to uplift voices, knowledge and perspectives on the ocean among indigenous populations in Mā‘ohi Nui. Read more about the Ma'ohi Nui project in this concept note, or in the OceanStates blog. You can also follow updates on their work through SOS on Twitter.

Restorying Maohi Nui - Island Lives, Ocean States