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OceanStates is hosted by the University of Bergen, Norway, and has a wide-ranging network of participating researchers at universities in Oceania, the United States and Europe. We are also pleased to engage in Pacific partnerships for smaller sub-projects in collaboration with iTuna Solutions in Solomon Islands, Sustainable Oceania Solutions in Ma’ohi Nui (French Polynesia), and ManaVa Performing Arts in Fiji. 

OceanStates has regularly consulted over the years with Pacific diplomats at the United Nations (New York), in Canberra (Australia) and in Suva (Fiji). The PI (Edvard Hviding) has participated in relevant ocean diplomacy at the United Nations since 2018 as a scientific advisor to the Permanent Mission of Palau to the United Nations.

At the University of Bergen, OceanStates collaborates with the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Change, the Faculty of Law, and other centres, departments and faculties.