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Diversity and Inequity in the Pandemic

The Pandemic Centre collaborates with Centre for the Study of the Sciences and Humanities (SVT) together with Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) in an interdisciplinary course "Diversity and Inequity in the Pandemic".

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The course Arqus221 https://www.uib.no/en/svt/150130/facing-grand-challenges-european-research-programme (10 ECTS) is open for all bachelor and master’s students (min. 60 ECTS).  It is a part of the UiB’s participation in the international Arqus Alliance where 7 European universities collaborate on creating student-led and challenge-based interdisciplinary university courses.

A central tenet in the collaboration is the focus on Engaged European Citizenship in facing the grand challenges of our time. During the semester, students will get the opportunity for both online and in-person collaboration with students from across Europe.

The focus in the local course at UiB will be Diversity and Inequity in the Pandemic, where students will work in interdisciplinary groups and create their own research project on the topic with support from academics from SVT and CET and in collaboration with the Pandemic Centre and their partners. The course will provide hands-on experience with interdisciplinary research on complex societal challenges.