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Research Catalyst 2024

The Pandemic Centre's Research Catalyst

The Pandemic Centre's Research Catalyst continues through the spring. The events are open to students and academics who want to enlighten pandemic-related topics from different perspectives.


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The purpose of the catalyst is to strengthen the interdisciplinary environment around the Pandemic Centre, as well as to provide an arena for anyone thinking about or already working on projects related to pandemics to get feedback from people with a different scientific background. You can also present your own projects. If so, let us know!

To sign up, send an e-mail to the person responsible for the Research Catalyst Kim A. Haugland: Kim.Haugland@uib.no

Dates spring 2024: 

January 30th: 

  1.  Facing the Covid-19 Pandemic: Exploring measures employed by the First-generation West African Immigrants to stay socially connected in Bergen, Norway - Bright Wereko, Masters student in Global Development Theory and Practice (GLODE), UiB
  2. Experiences of migrants from India living in Norway with COVID-19 Infodemic: A qualitative study - Sai Harish Adari, Masters student, Centre for International Health, UiB