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Pandemic Breakfast spring 2024

The Pandemic Center continues with our breakfast meetings through the spring term. Join us and hear about cutting-edge research across disciplines regarding pandemics.


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In the spring of 2024, the Pandemic Center will continue with breakfast meetings where once a month we invite researchers to present their research on the pandemic from all disciplines; from psychology to mathematics, law and humanities.

The goal of the breakfasts is to present ongoing research on the pandemic, and inspire collaboration and exchange between disciplines in order to understand the pandemic from multiple perspectives.

The spring dates are:

18th January: Sajida Ally from the University of Sussex and Alemayehu Hailu from Høgskolen på Vestlandet (HVL).

29th February: Yana Litins'ka from Lunds Universitet, Ellen Margrete Iveland Ersfjord and Hege Mari Johnsen from Universitetet i Agder

  • 22.03
  • 25.04
  • 30.05 

The breakfast meetings take place in the canteen, Alrek health cluster. Welcome!