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Eirik Finserås

PhD Candidate, PhD Candidate
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I am a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law. I am also connected to Bergen Offshore Wind Centre and the research group for “Designing a Refined Legal Framework for Legitimate Offshore Wind in the North Sea Basin” (DeWindSea). In terms of my previous experience, I hold an LLB (Hons) in International Law from Kingston University and an LLM with a specialty in Energy and Maritime Law from University College London.

My research predominantly relate to the intersection between planning and environmental law in the marine context. It begs the question of how offshore windfarm licensing can be optimized to stimulate a more efficient handling of planning procedures and accelerate the energy transition. It is a comparative study whereby evaluations will be drawn from different coastal jurisdictions adjacent to the North Sea Basin. 

SDG Conference 2021


Expert Panel on White Paper Outlining Forthcoming Licensing Guidance


Bergen Energy Lab Presentation  - Impact Assessments and the Concept of Change 


Academic article
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Popular scientific lecture
  • Show author(s) (2021). Where Science Meets Industry - Panel Debate.
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Academic lecture
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Show author(s) (2024). Offshore Wind Licensing in Norway. 21 pages.

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