Research group for Administrative Law

Leaders of the research group:

Professor Ingunn Elise Myklebust 

Professor Sigrid Eskeland Schütz


Doctoral project
Oslo rådhus

Delegation of public powers in Norwegian Administrative Law

When can a public agency delegate their powers to other governmental agencies, the municipal level, or even to private parties, and what does such a delegation entail? This question is posed by Ph.D-student Tarjei Ellingsen Røsvoll. Røsvoll is part of the research group on administrative law.

Doctoral project

Board Memember´s Liability for Corporate Human Rights Violations based on Norwegian Company Act § 17-1

Is it a moral or a legal obligation to respect human rights when operating abroad and under complex corporate structures? How do we decide on which obligations are legally encorceable? These questions are asked by Ph.D student Line Gjerstad Tjelflaaat. Tjelflaat is part of the research group on...