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Korbinian Bösl

Senior Engineer, Data Management coordinator at ELIXIR Norway & Centre for Digital Life Norway

I am coordinating Data Management within the national infrastructure for molecular biological information ELIXIR Norway, the connected data management infrastructure BioMedData and the national Centre for Digital Life Norway for biotechnology research, education and innovation.

As part of the ELIXIR Norway Helpdesk, I provide advise on Open Science, Biomolecular Research Data and Research Data Management. As part of ELIXIR Norway and the Centre for Digital Life Norway we provide workshops on Data Management Planning (DMP) on a regular basis.


I am also in the editorial board of the RDMkit data management online guide.

During my PhD and postdoctoral studies, I have been researching host-pathogen interactions using multiomics techniques.

I teach and provide training for researchers on different aspects of FAIR research data and Research Data Management in the Life Sciences.


Teaching in credited courses:

CCBIO906 - Cancer genomics: Introduction to data management

BT8121 - Transdisciplinary biotechnology –a Digital Life Norway course: Introduction to data management


I am certified Software Carpentry instructor, which I teach at workshops from the Centre for Digial Life Norway and ELIXIR Norway

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