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Polar Express 2017 (10.05.2017)

An Express overview over 20 recent Polar Science articles from Bergen was presented on May 10.

Polar Express
Polar Express was a great succes. Here lunch in the new GFI west wing. From left in the picture, dekan Helge Dahle, Ole Arve Misund, Bjerknes-directorr Tore Furevik and leader of the polarnetwork Lars Henrik Smedrud
University of Bergen

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This event was part of the Bergen Polar Science Network activity, and the occasion that Ole Arve Misund, present director of NIFES and a member, will be the future director of the Norwegian Polar Institute in Tromsø.

We got many recent results presented, from how UNIS has developed, observations of Cod north of Svalbard, to Polar Lows, sea ice changes due to Atlantic inflow variability, new sea ice tracking algorithms and changes in glacial ice over longer time-scales. Each presenter was only given 1 PPT slide and 2 minutes to present each paper, and 1 minute for a short question. The "express" format worked well in many ways, although the director thought that the O-clock timer beeping once every 60 s was a bit overkill.

Lars H. Smedsrud (leader of the Polar Network,https://www.uib.no/polar )

A list of presentations and where to find the articles can be found below:


Title of article in peer review journal:

Web page where paper can be downloaded from:

Lars H. Smedsrud

Fram Strait sea ice export variability and September Arctic sea ice extent over the last 80 years


Bryan Wilson

Changes in marine prokaryote composition with season and depth over an Arctic polar year


Øystein Skagseth

Characteristics of the Norwegian Coastal Current during Years with High Recruitment of Norwegian Spring Spawning Herring (Clupea harengus L.)


Kerim Nisancioglu

Past retreat and future response of Jakobshavn Isbræ, West Greenland


Harald Sodemann

The summer 2012 Greenland heat wave: In situ and remote sensing observations of water vapor isotopic composition during an atmospheric river event


Anders Goksøyr

Environmental Chemicals Modulate Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma (PPARG) and Adipogenesis in Vitro


Anton Korosov

Operational algorithm for ice–water classification on dual-polarized RADARSAT-2 images


Anne Britt Sandø

Arctic Ocean heat impact on regional ice decay - a suggested positive feedback


Bjørn Basberg

Commercial and Economic Aspects of Antarctic Exploration - From the Earliest Discoveries into the ‘Heroic Age’.


Randi Ingvaldsen

Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) feeding over deep water in the high


Marius Årthun

Skillful prediction of northern climate provided by the ocean


Thomas Spengler

Structure of a shear-line polar low


Timothy Williams

Wave-ice interactions in the neXtSIM sea-ice model


Einar Olason

neXtSIM: a new Lagrangian sea ice model


Willem van der Bilt

The Island of Amsterdamøya: a key site for studying past climate in the Arctic


Anton Korosov

A Combination of Feature Tracking and Pattern Matching with Optimal Parametrization for Sea Ice Drift Retrieval from SAR Data


Ole Arve Misund

A Norwegian pillar in Svalbard: the development of the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)


Erwin Lambert

How northern freshwater input can stabilise thermohaline circulation


Ingrid Onarheim

Skillful prediction of Barents Sea ice cover


Lars R Hole

Measurements by controlled meteorological balloons in coastal areas of Antarctica