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Polar Express 2023 (24.11.2023)

This Polar Express, we had 7 Project presentations and 6 presentations of recent Polar Science articles from Bergen, which were presented on Friday, November 24, in the Bjerknes Lecture Room (West Wing, Geophysical Institute, 4th floor).

Polar Express Presentation by Stjn De Schepper
Lars H. Smedsrud
Polar Express Presentation by Øystein Varpe
Lars H. Smedsrud
Polar Express Project Presentation by Bjørg Rieebrobakken
Lars H. Smedsrud

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The presentations were divided into two rounds. In the first round, current projects were presented, and in the second round, recently published papers were presented.

1st Round: Projects
PresenterProjectContact information
Sofie SøderstrømThe Marma-Detox Projectsofie.soderstrom@uib.no
Guillaume BoutinForecasting Wave impact as Arctic sea ice declinesguillaume.boutin@nersc.no
Bjørg RieebrobakkenABRUPT Arctic Climate Changebjri@norceresearch.no
Stijn De SchepperInto the Blue - Resolving past Arctic greenhouse climate (i2B)stde@nrceresearch.no
Maite (Maria Teresa) BezemSynoptic Arctic Survey maps climate change in the Arcticmaria.bezem@uib.no
Marius ÅrthunArMOC - Overturning circulation in the new Arcticmarius.arthun@uib.no
Iliana-Vasiliki NtinouA biologist s and an oceanographer s tale of the Disko Bay ecosystemint001@uib.no
2nd Round: Papers
PresenterPaperContact information
Wanyee WongSea ice distribution in the Fram Strait during the Dansgaard-Oeschger eventsyunw@norceresearch.no
Jonathan ReinlænderBreaking the ice, simulating sea-ice breakup in the Beaufort Sea with neXtSIMjonathan.rheinlaender@nersc.no
Anna-Maria StrehlA 70-year perspective on convection in the Greenland Seaanna-marie.strahl@uib.no
Lars SmedsrudNordic Seas Heat Loss, Atlantic inflow, and Arctic Sea Ice Cover Over the Last Centurylars.smedsrud@uib.no
Øystein VarpeAggregation of foraging black guillemots (Cepphus grille) at a sea-ice edge in fron of a tidewater glacieroystein.varpe@uib.no
Helene Reinertsen LangehaugHow much warming in the Arctic Ocean in the next three decades ?helene.langenhaug@nersc.no