Winter school 2016


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The 14th Annual Winter School in Algorithms, Graph Theory and Combinatorics took place March 7-9 2016 at Finse.

The program was as follows:

Monday: 07:45 meet at train station; 07:57 Train to Finse; 12-16 skiing; 17-20 Stable Matching paper, Master students (Joakim, Håkon, Joachim, Christian), Open Problems; 21:00 Dinner

Tuesday: 8:00 Breakfast (pack your own lunch); 9-12 LP paper, Master students (Herman, Bjørn, Ida BS, Ida R), Lossy Kernels; 12-16 skiing; 17-20 Edit Distance paper, 2*Lossy kernels; 20:30 Dinner

Wednesday: 8:00 Breakfast (pack your own lunch); 9-12 Derandomization paper, Lossy kernels, MSR talk; 12-16 skiing; 16:23 Train to Bergen