Annual winter schools

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The 18th Annual Winter School in Algorithms, Graph Theory and Combinatorics

took place March 30 - April 1 at Dr Holms, Geilo

Wednesday 30th of March

8:15-11:03 Train, 12:15 Lunch, 13 Jan Kratochvil, New Results on the Complexity of Graph Covers, 14 Open Problem Session by 1.Lars and 2.Kenneth (and 5.X if time and anyone volunteers), 17 Kenneth Langeland, Vertex Cover Heuristics using Graph Neural Networks, 18 Coffee break, followed by Open problem session by 3.Mateus and 4.Petr and 5.X (as above), 19 Group Work on Open Problems 1-2-3-4-5 (choose your topic from above), 20 Dinner

Thursday 31st of March

7-9 Breakfast, 9 Petra Wolf, Decomposing Automata - Fewer rejections make things easier, 10 Coffee break, followed by Master students (Petter Daae, Gard, Joakim, Brigt) 11 Master students (Brage, Henrik, Magnus Tønnesen, Yoeri, Karina) 11:45 Lunch, 13-18 Skiing etc. Instruction at Slaatta Skisenter starts at 13:30, 18 Master students (Faezeh, Petter Elvevoll, Haakon, Sondre, Magnus Hegdahl) 19 Sjur Flåm, Computer Science and Economics, 20 Dinner

Friday 1st of April

7-9 Breakfast, 9 Kirill Simonov, Parameterized Complexity of some Graph Drawing Problems, 10 Coffee break, followed by Master students (Marie, + Wim and any other non-master students who want) 11 Reports from the Groups on Open Problems, 12:00 Lunch, 14:02-17:10 Train