Winter school 2010


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8th Annual Winter School in Algorithms, Graph Theory and Combinatorics 2010

February 24-26, 2010, at Hotel Finse 1222

We will be leaving from Bergen by train in the early morning of February 24, and we will be coming back to Bergen in the late afternoon /  early evening of February 26. Train tickets and accommodation will be taken care of by the organizers.


We will fix the detailed program on the Bergen-Finse train, which leaves 10:28 Wednesday 24 February.

Here is an overview of some possible talks:

Josef Cibulka, Forbidden 0-1 matrices and runtime of algorithms

Erik Jan van Leeuwen, Approximation algorithms (tutorial-style?)

Christophe Paul, Split decompositions (tutorial-style?)

Benjamin Leveque, Coloring perfect graphs by contraction

Daniel Paulusma, k-path problem in claw-free graphs

Ondra Suchy, Directed Steiner trees

Yngve Villanger, Global graph structures for exact algorithms

Jean Blair, Tomas Gavenciak, Fredrik Manne and Jan Arne Telle will be responsible for several open problem sessions oriented towards both students and researchers.



Confirmed participants:

Nina Andersen (Bergen)
Remy Belmonte (Montpellier)
Jean Blair (Bergen / West Point)
Binh-Minh Bui-Xuan (Bergen)
Josef Cibulka (Prague)
Frederic Dorn (Bergen)
Tomas Gavenciak (Prague)
Pinar Heggernes (Bergen)
Pim van 't Hof (Durham)
Eivind Hvidevold (Bergen)
Tereza Klimosova (Prague)
Erik Jan van Leeuwen (Bergen)
Benjamin Leveque (Montpellier)
Fredrik Manne (Bergen)
Daniel Meister (Aachen)
Rodica Mihai (Bergen)
Jesper Nederlof (Bergen)
Mostofa Patwary (Bergen)
Christophe Paul (Montpellier)
Daniel Paulusma (Durham)
Peder Refsnes (Bergen)
Alexander Rosbach (Bergen)
Henrik Samal (Bergen)
Robert Sasak (Bergen)
Sadia Sharmin (Bergen)
Ondra Suchy (Prague)
Sigve Sæther (Bergen)
Jan Arne Telle (Bergen)
Torbjørn Tessem (Bergen)
Martin Tofteberg (Bergen)
Martin Vatshelle (Bergen)
Yngve Villanger (Bergen)
Anneli Weiss (Bergen)
Yngve Ådlandsvik (Bergen)



Photos from the winter school:


Photos from Pinar

Photos from Christophe

Photos from Jean