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Photos from the workshop are now available here.

Workshop on Algebraic, Topological and Computational Aspects of Graph  Covers (ATCAGC) at Finse in Norway, February 19-21, 2009.

Supported by the Norwegian Research Council project PARALGO and by DIMATIA , Charles University, Czech Republic.

Stemming from topological graph theory, the concept of graph coverings
has developed into a rich theory with applications in and interconnections
to areas as diverse as algebraic graph theory in pure mathematics on one
side, and models of computation and computational complexity in theoretical
computer science on the other one. The aim of the workshop is to bring
together researchers working on these diverse ends of graph coverings,
to introduce their approaches and results to one another, and to try
to iniciate joint research combining these areas. Towards this end we
plan a small number of survey talks, several open problem sessions, and
ample time for discussions and problem solving.

Jan Kratochvil, Jan Arne Telle, Jirka Fiala, Daniel Paulusma, Andrzej Proskurowski, Josef Siran, Martin Skoviera, Roman Nedela, Petr Hlineny, Isolde Adler, Eva Jelinkova, Vit Jelinek, Tomas Gavenciak, Tereza Klimesova, Bernard Lidicky, Marek Tesar, Tomas Vyskocil, Martin Vatshelle, Binh-Minh Bui-Xuan, Robert Sasak, Jesper Nederlof.

Scientific program:

Thursday afternoon:

Jan Kratochvil, Introduction to complexity

Jiri Fiala, Partial covers of theta graphs

Friday morning:

Petr Hlineny, Introduction to Negami's conjecture I

Martin Skoviera, Short trip through graph covers and topology

Marek Tesar, Covers of graphs with many cycles

Friday afternoon:

Isolde Adler, Computing excluded minors

Petr Hlineny, Introduction to Negami's conjecture II

Roman Nedela, Applications of graph coverings

Saturday morning:

Daniel Paulusma, Orders imposed by graph homomorphisms

Josef Siran, Algebraic aspects of graph coverings


Information for all participants:

We have arranged and will cover expenses for room and board for you at Finse for the 2 nights from Thursday to Saturday. Please arrange your own train tickets at www.nsb.no/?lang=en_US. Also arrange your own accommodation for any extra night, either at Finse 1222, in Bergen, or in Oslo. In Bergen www.steenshotel.no has a deal for workshop participants at 650 NKR for a single and 890 for a double room, with breakfast.

Everybody should arrive Finse by Thursday mid-day. There is no lunch on Thursday, so bring along some food on the train ride. Friday and Saturday lunch will be of the 'make-your-own-pack-of-sandwiches-at-breakfast' type.

Welcome to a stimulating workshop!

Jan Kratochvil
Jan Arne Telle