The Laboratory Animal Facility
Information for those who plan studies in animals

Planning animal studies

Practical information - before you can get access to the facility or start experiments.

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Planning experiments

Below you find tabs to different topics and issues you have to take into account before you can start experiments. 


Access to the write ethical application

Application for animal experiments is done in "FOTS".

Se the tab below.

Access to the animal facility

What info does the Lab Animal Facility need from you?

In order to access the animal department, we need to have a name, address, contact phone and  which project* you are working with (project number and name of project manager).

We need a confirmation from the project manager that you are going to participate in the project and need access.

Request can be sent to post@viv.uib.no

To get access must meet in person at the Animal facility as  a review of fire and escape routes will be provided.

We need

  1. Copy of course and practical training certificates
  2. Confirmation that I have undergone health check for animal work
  3. Confirmation that I am a registered co-worker in the project*

Access without personal access card

Persons who do not have their own access to the Animal Facility must be accompanied by a person who has such acess.

The attendant is then responsible for the person following dress codes, wearing protective equipment and complying with other routines that apply in the Facility.

Pay attention to that anyone who works more than 1 hour per week or 40 hours a year should be reported to health checks for staff and students who may be at risk of health