The Laboratory Animal Facility

Practical information - before you start experiments

Practical information - before you can get access to the facility or start experiments.

Planning experiments

Below you find tabs to different topics and issues you have to take into account before you can start experiments. 


Access to the write ethical application

Application for animal experiments is done in "FOTS".

Se the tab below.

Access to the animal facility

What info does the Lab Animal Facility need from you?

To gain access to the laboratory animal facility, we need your name, address, contact telephone and which project you're working in (the project number and name of the project manager). Is not your name listed in the FOTS-application as project employee, we must have confirmation from the project manager that you will participate in the project and need access.
Request can be sent to post@viv.uib.no

What kind of access cards do we use

For access to Vivarium, we use hospital ID cards (University of Bergen ID cards for access to BBB). Do you already have a hospital card, we need to know the number on it, in order to give you access. We must also know the working hours you should have, such as regular daytime, evening or night.

Project number and course

Remember that you must be related to an approved project to get access to the facility, and you must have completed the training program in laboratory animal science. If you have not taken the course yet, you can only access together with a colleague in the project who has access. This person is responsible for you.