The Laboratory Animal Facility

Animal Welfare Body

The institution shall establish an animal welfare body (AWB) (norw: “Dyrevelferdsenhet”)

Function of the Animal Welfare Body

The animal welfare body shall:

  • Give advice in acquiring, housing, care and use of animals
  • Give advice on compliance with the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement)
  • Provide information on technical and scientific progress on replacement, reduction and refinement
  • Develop and review internal operation routines to monitor, report on and follow up animal welfare issues
  • Monitor how experiments impact animal welfare
  • Identify and give advice on factors that contribute to further replacement, reduction and refinement
  • Give advice for rehoming of animals (less relevant at UiB)

A record of all advices and decisions made by the AWB shall be stored for minimum of 3 years and be available on the request from Mattilsynet

Topics discussed in AWB

  • Use of painkillers after surgery
  • Humane endpoints and Scoring Sheet - what do we expect!
  • Microbiological health-status - ensures quality, classification and risk assessment
  • Services provided by the Animal Facility for breeding
  • Single housing of animals 
  • Aseptic procedures for surgery     
  • Use of and change of P2-dust masks
  • Project staartup meeting - review of protocol
  • Riskevaluation


  • Aseptic routines for surgery
  • Batch anesthesia
  • Cleaning of the pig house
  • Testing cell cultures of human origin
  • Use of facial grimace score for evaluation of pain
  • Transport of animals between the units
  • Training of summer-substitutes


  • Enrichment program for pigs
  • Enrichment program for rodents
  • severity assessment and scoring for neurosurgical models in rodents
  • Procedures for sentinel animals
  • Use of cleaning and disinfection
  • Procedures for unpacking animals
  • Regulations for breeding at the animal facility

Reported unwanted incidents are also handled by the Animal Welfare Body

Members of the AWB

  • Joanna Stormark – Chief engineer and chair of AWB
  • Suzanne Ledahl – Attending veterinarian - secretary of AWB
  • Gry Bernes – Chief engineer
  • Bodil Børndal - Researcher - K2
  • Aurora Brønstad – Veterinarian/researcher