The Laboratory Animal Facility

LAS 301 Core module

This is the core module in the education program for researchers using animals in research. This part is common for both fish and mammals.

Grunnkurs forsøksdyrlære
E. Sennesth

Main content

The course shall cover the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynets) and the EU-directives (2010/63) demands to theoretical training for persona performing procedures on animals (group A) or planning or designing experiments on animals (group B) .

Further theoretical training is covered in LAS 302 or 303

LAS is a multidisciplinary branch of science aiming to promote humane use of animals in research and collection of informative, reliable and reproducible dat

LAS Includes laws, regulations, ethics, factors of animals and external factors that influence experiments, literature search, planning and design of experiments as well as cooperation between different actors involved in the experiment.

Topics covered in LAS 301

  • Laws, regulations and ethics
  • Health hazards in the animal facility
  • Animal welfare and handling techniques
  • Anesthesia, and Euthanasia
  • Humane endpoints
  • Planning, designing and literature search
  • Alternatives to use of animals
  • Ethical application in FOTS

How is the course organized

  • Self study and preparation of material on Canvas/mitt.uib
    • Texts to read, videopresentations and quezes/tests
  • Lectures - 2 days - on Zoom
  • Group work on mitt.uib
  • Exam