Master projects in bioinformatics

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We are offering Master projects within the following topics:

  • Analysis and visualization of biomedical data: Development of user-friendly and interactive software to analyze and visualize biomedical data. (Barsnes Group)

  • Pattern discovery and data analysis: Application and development of algorithms for the automatic discovery of patterns and regularities in molecular biology data. (Jonassen Group)

  • Membrane proteins, protein bioinformatics and molecular dynamics. (Reuter Group)

  • Machine learning and gene regulation: All the cells in your body have the same recipe (DNA), but have widely different appearances and many diverse functions. We develop machine learning methods and pattern recognition algorithms to better understand how each individual cell ends up with its unique role. (Valen Group)

  • Analysis of omics data: Implementation and testing of new analysis approaches for omics data based on gene sets and networks. (CBU Service Group)

We prefer to shape Master projects in collaboration with the interested student. A typical project includes method development, implementation and testing on real data.