Research activities

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The bioinformatics group develops methods and software to better understand biomolecular and medical data, mainly based on analyzing the activity of genes and gene products. This includes algorithm development, modelling and visualization.

We are using and developing methods for identification of gene markers, gene regulation, proteomics, protein structure and dynamics, plus genomics and metagenomics.

For more information, please see the individual research groups:

  • Barsnes Group: Development of user-friendly and interactive software to analyze and visualize biomedical data.

  • Jonassen Group: Development and application of algorithms for the automatic discovery of patterns and regularities in molecular biology data.

  • Reuter Group

  • Valen Group: Machine learning for gene regulation, RNA modifications and structure.

  • CBU Service Group: Group leader Kjell Petersen research interests  are gene set and network-based analysis approaches for omics data.