Borgund Kaupang
The Borgund Kaupang Project

BKP’s partners and research team

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) has granted 10 million NOK to the University Museum of Bergen and the research project The Borgund Kaupang Prosject. Life and death of a small town in the periphery of medieval Europe. Curation, research and dissemination. The project has its point of outset in the large body of archaeological finds from 31 field seasons (from 1912-2014) in Borgund by Ålesund.

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The Borgund Kaupang Project (BKP) is administered and coordinated by the University Museum of Bergen, University of Bergen. Project leader is Professor Dr. Gitte Hansen, a medieval archaeologist at the museum. Middelaldermuseet/Viti, the Osterøy Museum/Museumssenteret i Hordaland and The Bryggens Museum/Bymuseet i Bergen are partners in the project.

The BKP’s research team comprises Ph.D. students as well as both young and established researchers and artisans (archaeology, geology, history, art history, Old Norse studies, osteology, textile production/weaving). The latter team members have their own salaries from the university-, museum- and cultural heritage sectors in Norway, USA, Scotland and Iceland. The project has an international scientific reference group with researchers from the university- and museum sectors in Finland and Germany.

In addition to the grant from the RCN, the project has 12 million NOK financed from the team’s salaries. The funds from the RCN will primarily cover two Ph.D. positions and expenses to scientific curation of archaeological finds, natural scientific samples and three workshops for the BKP’s research team.

The Borgund Kaupang Project also cooperates with Møre & Romsdal County’s Virtual Reality dissemination project Ein Bit av Historia, the Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) and NTNU University Museum.

The Borgund Kaupang Project is part of the Medieval Research Cluster at the University of Bergen