Research Group for European Law

Funding from the Research Council for project on Life and Work in Balance

Associate Professor Melanie Hack, who is a member of the research group for European law, receives 9.9 million Norwegian kroner in funding over four years for the project "Life and Work in Balance: Legal responses to working life in times of change and crisis (LaW-BALANCE)".

Melanie Hack
Førsteamanuensis Melanie Hack

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The project focuses on how to create safe, healthy, and inclusive working environments and systems that ensure a good balance between work and private life through all stages of life.

This issue has become particularly relevant in the wake of increasing globalization, demographic changes, and digital solutions. For example, the coronavirus pandemic led to a more digitized and flexible working life.

It is a problem that the law lags behind these developments, for instance, when the workplace suddenly enters the private sphere. Therefore, national legal changes are necessary to meet the needs of employees and employers in an increasingly flexible manner.

Congratulations to Melanie. We look forward to following the project!