Research Group for European Law
About the research group

About the Research Group for European Law

The Research Group for European Law (BERG) consists of researchers working on various legal issues within competition law, intellectual property rights, market law, media law, state aid and public procurement law and other connected areas.

Forskargruppe for europarett
På bildet fra venstre: Maria Øverland, Halvard Haukeland Fredriksen, Marte Dahl Reisæter, Matias Tvermyr Holmen, Louise Mathilde Zijdeman, Linda Midtun, Jenny Abelvik, Tollef Otterdal Heggen, Ingrid Margrethe Halvorsen Barlund, Christian Franklin, Kristian Strømsnes, Ronny Gjendemsjø, Tore Lunde og Melanie Regine Hack. Ikke til stede: Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui, Malgorzata Agnieszka Cyndecka, Kristian Wederhus, Liliia Oprysk, Chiara Morfea og Joséphine Thorson Foto/ill.: Foto: Kim Einar Andreassen
Foto: Kim Einar Andreassen

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The Research Group functions primarily as a forum for academic discussions. On this site, the research group will report and publish updates on current topical events, activities and events. 

Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics

Bergen Center for Competition Law and Economics (BECCLE) was established in 2011, and it is a center jointly owned by the Norwegian School of Economics and the University of Bergen. It serves as a meeting place for economists and lawyers interested in competition policy questions, and is a member of the CLEEN Network. 

Several of the researchers in the research group is affiliated to BECCLE, and a lot of the research group's activities take place at BECCLE. Several of the research group's members aslo have their offices at BECCLE, located on the third floor of the JUSII Building, adjacent with the main building of the Faculty of Law. In addition to the research group's own activities and events, BECCLE frequently hosts seminars and events dealing with current competition law, economic and policy questions. 

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