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Forest management in the context of REDD+: Cases from Nepal Himalaya

The term ‘REDD+’ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) is a well-articulated discourse in the name of mitigating deteriorating climate and sustaining local livelihoods. Articulation is an act or process of establishing relations between words where independent meaning of words is modified.

PhD Candidate Dilli Prasad Poudel.

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Some literature claim that REDD+ brings positive changes to the rural communities, while others believe that it negatively impacts them by commoditizing locally sustained forests. Yet others suspect that REDD+ can be a source of community level conflict, so it is still immature, thereby, needs readjustment on its original concept. Then, how should a local forest be sustainably managed? How appropriate is the change of forest management from ‘community forestry’ to ‘REDD+ system’ in terms of local livelihoods? What kind of forest management will emerge in the REDD+ era? My Ph.D. project will try to answer these questions.

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