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ELO 2019 speakers from Bergen

Seven current and nine past members of the Bergen Electronic Literature research group are speaking at the Electronic Literature Organization conference in Cork, Ireland in July.

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Here is a list of presentations and performances by present and past members of BEL at ELO 2019, in Cork on 15-17 July. We are particularly proud that Anne Karhio is giving one of the keynotes this year. Anne spent three years as a postdoc with BEL and is currently active in the Machine Vision project

Monday 15 July

Session 1C: #peripheries (Monday 12-1:30, O’Rahilly Building 132)

Davin Heckman: Anti-Social Media and Socially Engaged E-Lit

Davin was the Digital Culture Fulbright Scholar at UiB in 2011/2012.

Tuesday 16 July

Session 3A: Subversion and Intersectionality (9-10:30 am, O’Rahilly Building 255)

Maud Ceuterick: Sound and queer affirmative space in augmented reality

Maud is a MSCA postdoc in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen.

Session 3B Creative Confluences (9-10:30 am, O’Rahilly Building 156)

Stuart Moulthrop: “Turn Back from this Cave:” A Beginner's Guide to Critical Expansion

Stuart spent a month at Digital Culture as a distinguished researcher. 

Session 1C: Archives and Databases (1.30 – 3.00pm, O’Rahilly Building 132)

Hannah Ackermans: Nodes Without Edges: Peripheries of the Database

Hannah Ackermans: Visible and Invisible Archives: The Database Aesthetics of The Atlas Group Archive and haikU

Hannah is a PhD fellow in Digital Culture at the University of Bergen.

Section 1E Styles and Structures (1.30 – 3.00pm, Kane Building G02)

Álvaro Seiça: Erasure Poetry: Introduction and Visualization

Álvaro has a global MSCA postdoc with Digital Culture at UiB and UCLA.

Artists Forum 6 (3.30 – 5.00pm, Boole Lecture Theatre 3)

Scott Rettberg and Talan Memmott : The Limerick Diet

Scott leads BEL (the Bergen Electronic Literature research group) and is a professor of Digital Culture. Talan was a postdoc on the ELMCIP project at UiB in 2013-14.

Keynote 2 (5.30pm, Boole Lecture Theatre 3)

Anne Karhio: At the Brink: Electronic Literature, Technology, and the Peripheral Imagination
Chaired by Scott Rettberg.

Anne spent three years as a postdoc moving between Digital Culture at UiB and UIC Galway, and is also a researcher for the ERC project Machine Vision in Everyday Life

Wednesday 17 July

Panel 3: Coping with Bits 2 (O’Rahilly Building 132)

Leonardo Flores and Dene Grigar: Coping with Bits, Part 2

Leo was the Digital Culture Fulbright Scholar at UiB in 2012/13.

Panel 7 (Wednesday 11-12:30 am, O’Rahilly Building 156)

Rob Wittig and Mark Marino: Let’s Play Netprov! Tips, Tricks and Theory for Online Roleplay Fiction

Rob wrote his MA thesis on netprov at Digital Culture at UiB, and Mark was a short-term Fulbright scholar with us in 2010.

Panel 15: The Meniscus of Narrative II: Dynamics (1:30-3:00 pm, Kane Building G02)

Marianne Gunderson and Jill Walker Rettberg are presenting on "Haunted Cameras and the Agency of Technology in Online Narratives" in a panel with Daniel Punday and Caitlin Fisher. 

Marianne Gunderson is a PhD fellow in Digital Culture, working on the Machine Vision project. Jill Walker Rettberg is a Professor of Digital Culture, and leader of the Machine Vision project.

Artists: Forum 9 (Wednedsay 1.30 – 3.00pm, Boole Theatre 3)

Jason Nelson: The Last Interaction

Jason was the Digital Culture Fulbright Scholar at UiB in 2017/18.

Performance Evening (Wednesday 9pm, The Kino)

Mark Marino: The ELO Conference Trifecta

Jason Nelson: Parapojection: Digital Poetry in the Landscape

Mark was a short-term Fulbright scholar with us in 2010, and Jason spent the academic year 2017-18 at UiB as a Fulbright Scholar.