Global Development for Equity

Climate Change: Links to Health, Gender and Sustainable Development

Researcher Gaby Ortiz Barreda
Researcher Gaby Ortiz Barreda on health effects of climate change. Photo: Maurice Mittelmark

Main content

This open seminar 14 November 2014 on climate change, explored the possibility for inter- and intra-disciplinary research on gender and health issues related to climate change at the University of Bergen. Climate change is an upcoming core area of research at the University of Bergen, and the research group Multicultural Venues in Health, Gender and Social Justice at Hemil wanted to use this opportunity to bring different strands of climate-related social science and health research and interests together. 

The first part of the day consisted of presentations that addressed climate change from different perspectives relating to health, gender and sustainable development. The second part of the day was set aside for discussions on potential interdisciplinary research collaborations on cross-cutting issues related to climate change.

The presentations included:

Researcher Gaby Ortiz Barreda, Hemil: Health effects of climate change. A literature review

Prof. Gisela Bøhm, Psychosocial Science, UoB: Climate change perception and behaviour

Assoc. Prof. Peter Andersen, Department of Geography, UoB: Climate change, food security and nutrition: challenges of linking across scales

Assoc. Prof. Thera Mjaaland, Gender and Development/Hemil: Climate change, population and sustainable development: A gender perspective

Vice-Dean for research Inger Hilde Nordhus; UoB: The Faculty of Psychology’s visions and strategies on climate change research

Prof. Eystein Jansen, Bjerknes Center for Climate Research: Which research collaborations with UiB are already in place, and new possibilities?