Global Health Priorities

Vision and Strategy

The Global Health Priorities Research Strategy 2016-2019

Main content

Vision: Knowledge for better health and less inequality

Goals: During the period 2016 – 2019, the research group aims to be in the forefront of research to:

  • Develop theory and methods for ethics and priority setting in global health
  • Perform applied economic evaluations using the best available methods
  • Perform applied studies on the distributional effects of health interventions
  • Study the relationship between theoretical and practical approaches to bioethics
  • Discuss valid knowledge transfer between theory and practice
  • Study clinical ethical dilemmas and practical priority setting
  • Develop methods to increase ethical competence among decision-makers

Instruments for achieving these goals:

  • Obtain external funding for research on ethics and priority setting
  • Establish and develop expertise in ethics and priority setting in low- and middle-income countries
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration with strong national and international research groups
  • Strengthen cooperation on clinical ethics in the Western Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Vest)
  • Encourage publications with international partners
  • Facilitate collaboration with researchers in low and middle income countries
  • Facilitate grant applications with international partners
  • Facilitate international exchange and research
  • Invite international scientists to Bergen
  • Collaborate with other research groups at IGS (CISMAC, CIH and the Norwegian Disease Burden Project)
  • Make the findings of our research available to users and decision makers and participate in decision making
  • Actively disseminate results from our research (newsletter, Twitter, newspapers, radio, TV, and lectures)
  • Enable user involvement in research
  • Cultivate an attractive and inclusive professional and social environment
  • Promote knowledge of ethics and priority setting through engaging and effective teaching, and recruit excellent students for research


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