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Welcome to the Global Health Priorities website.

Situated at the Department of Global Health and primary Care at the University of Bergen, the GHP research group study the ethics and economics of priority setting in health. Key research topics are: the ethics of decisions at a clinical and population level, local implications of global and national health policies, equity-efficiency trade-offs, and standard and extended health economic evaluations.

Here you can read about new publications and other news from the research group, and access background information about projects and group members. You can follow us at Twitter and sign up for our quarterly newsletter for more in-dept news and info.

Quote by The Lancet global Health

New Lancet report out: High-quality health systems in the Sustainable Development Goals era: time for a revolution

The report by The Lancet Global Health Commission on High Quality Health Systems, co-authored by leader in the GHP research group Ole Frithjof Norheim, sets a new definition for “quality health systems,” and finds that improved health system quality could prevent over 8 million deaths and improve...

Ole Frithjof Norheim receiving the award

Awarded research group of the year!

The Global Health Priorities Research Group was awarded research group of the year by the Faculty of Medicine at UiB.

Disease Control Priorities third edition (DCP3)

Disease Control Priorities Third Edition out: new editorial in IJHPM by Ole F. Norheim

The editorial emphasizes that publishing evidence on economic evaluations on how to best invest in health in an equitable way – presented in DCP3 – is crucial, but not sufficient. Now is the time for the real work to begin. Evidence must be translated into practice in order to create actual changes...

Stakeholder process

Translating academic ethics to real world practice

How can we secure that decision makers in health are being held accountable for how they prioritize – also to those who are negatively affected by the decisions made? A newly published paper in International Journal of Health Policy and Management presents a checklist to ensure legitimate...

Policy brief

First policy brief out – Disease Control Priorities Ethiopia

This first policy brief (as part of the Gates funded project Disease Control Priorities - Ethiopia) introduces a framework to guide the reform of the Essential Health Service Packages – led by Ethiopia's Ministry of Health.

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