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The Global Health Priorities research group study the ethics and economics of priority setting in health, and the background and implications of health policies and planning. Key research topics are: the ethics of decisions at a clinical and population level, local implications of global and national health policies, equity-efficiency trade-offs, and standard and extended health economic evaluations.

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Newsletters from Global Health Priorities

Announcement: Establishment of Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS)
Ole Frithjof Norheim, Director of BCEPS

Expansion of “Disease Control Priorities” in Ethiopia to include Malawi and Zanzibar

Research coordinator Linn Knudsen in conversation with the expert panel

Explaining global health priorities

GHP kicking of Day Zero at the SDG 2019 conference with the "Global health priorities explained" seminar.

Minister of Health Ethiopia, Amir Aman

Ethiopia renews its commitment to Universal Health Coverage

The Federal Ministry of Health of Ethiopia renews its commitment to actions towards universal health coverage (UHC). The re-definition of the Essential Health Service Packages (EHSP), which the Global Health Priorities Research Group is involved in, is defined as one of the most important steps...

Beating the DRUM event with Global Financing Facility in Oslo November 5

Professor Ole Frithjof Norheim leading discussion at international GFF event

The international event "Beating the DRUM" co-hosted by Norwegian government focused on domestic resource use and mobilization for accelerating progress towards SDG3. It featured roundtable discussions about increasing public-sector revenue to improve health in an efficient and equitable...

Ole Frithjof Norheim receiving the award

Awarded research group of the year!

The Global Health Priorities Research Group was awarded research group of the year by the Faculty of Medicine at UiB.

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