Global Health Priorities
Global Health Priorities

Global Health Priorities: Ethics, Economics, Policy

Global Health Priorities is an interdisciplinary researchgroup situated at the Department of Global Health and Primary Care at the University of Bergen. The group consists of a team of cross-disciplinary researchers and professionals dedicated to study the ethics and economics of priority setting in global health.

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The group aims to better understand substantial ethical dilemmas, priority setting processes and fairness in resource allocation in low-, middle- and high-income countries. Key topics for Global Health Priorities are; the ethics of decisions at a clinical and population level, local implications of global/national health policies, equity-efficiency trade-offs, and standard and extended health economic evaluations. The studies undertaken aims at being relevant for researchers, health professionals, policy makers, and non-governmental institutions in Norway and globally.

Drawing on professional competences in medicine, economics, ethics and philosophy, political science, public health, epidemiology and statistics, the group has contributed to research in a variety of academic fields and has a good joint production of scientific papers. The research output of the group has been published in top academic journals (e.g. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Journal of Medical Ethics, BMJ, Pediatrics, Lancet). The group has six persons in senior positions for supervision of PhD students and the group has systematic and continuous follow-up of PhD students through bi-weekly seminars and individual supervision.

Members of the research group have been involved in developing policy reports in Norway and globally (e.g. on behalf of the World Health Organization). In the current research, the group focuses particularly on priority setting issues in Ethiopia. The group collaborates with central actors at the Ministry of Health, Addis Ababa University and key clinicians at a national level.

 Recent research collaborating partners include the Norwegian Knowledge Centre, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Chr. Michelsens Institute, Helse Bergen, Helse Vest, National Institute of Health, Disease Control Priorities Project, Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Pennsylvania, Addis Ababa University, Harvard University and WHO.