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Panel debate

"The Emerging Climate Emergency: What Now for University Education?"

On 16th September 2021, PhD candidate Runa Falck participated in a panel debate at UiB's Bergen School of Global Studies, which has climate change as one of its five main pillars.

Higher Education in Light of Climate Change

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PhD candidate Runa Falck, member of the LINGCLIM group, participated in a panel debate at UiB's Bergen School of Global Studies. The newly established school is organised in five pillars, with climate change being one of them. Håvard Haarstad from the Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET), who is the main responsible for the climate pillar, led the panel debate on 16th September. The debate was focused around the question how to rethink education in light of the climate emergency: What does the recent assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) mean for how we develop educational programmes and teach students in the university? What courses, pedagogical methods, skills and approaches do we need? Besides Runa Falck and Håvard Haarstad, the panel consisted of Jakob Grandin (The Collaboratory, UiB), Roger Strand (Master in Sustainability, UiB), and Lea Andrea Igland Røys (Student Society, UiB). In connection with the panel debate, Runa Falck also presented the new subject KLIMA200 – «Klimafortellinger» ("Climate Narratives"), which is now offered for the second time at the Institute for Foreign Languages.