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How can we reduce our own carbon footprint?

How can we, as individuals, reduce our emissions and thus our carbon footprint? In this short video, Helge Drange, climate researcher at the University of Bergen and member of the CLIMLIFE project (LINGCLIM research group), presents five solutions, the so-called "five Bs": "biff, bruk, bil, boeing, bolig" (English: beef, consumption, car, airplane, housing).

Hva kan vi selv gjøre med klimautslippene?

Helge Drange

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More and more people are concerned about global warming, and more and more people would like to contribute to reduce emissions. At the same time, it is difficult to know what an individual can do, and how much impact it has to change certain parts of our lifestyles. Helge Drange, climate researcher and member of the CLIMLIFE project (LINGCLIM research group), made a short video to suggest five actions each of us can do to reduce our emissions. 

The video is in Norwegian only.