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Three publications in three days for CLIMLIFE

CLIMLIFE celebrated the entry into the new year with three publications in three days.

The front page of the new Routledge publication about climate change and youth culture.
Kjersti Fløttum.

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With a total of three publications in three days, CLIMLIFE celebrated a wonderful start to the new year.

Two of the articles are based on surveys of the younger generation's views and opinions on lifestyle and climate change, while the third deals with the impact of climate change on lifestyle journalism.

Update 13 January 2024: More good news as we announce a fourth publication (Fløttum, 2023)!

The articles can be found below: 


  • Fløttum, K., Dahl, T., Scheurer, J. 2024. ‘Trying (hard), but it’s difficult’: Youth voices on lifestyle matters in a climate perspective. In: Svendsen, B. A., Jonsson, R. (Eds), The Routledge Handbook on Language & Youth Culture. London and New York, Routledge.
  • Andersen, I. V. 2024. Seeking Consensus on Confusing and Contentious Issues: Young Norwegians’ Experiences of Environmental Debates. Environmental Communication, DOI: 10.1080/17524032.2023.2299358.
  • Elgesem, D., Knudsen, E., Fløttum, K. 2024. The Impact of Climate Change on Lifestyle Journalism. Journalism Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1461670X.2023.2299463