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From sea lice to deep ocean minerals, from basic research to industrial innovation: The University of Bergen (UiB) is vibrant key player.
Learning more about the changes that occur in the brain of salmon during smoltification may give us insight into the plasticity of our own brain.
Knowing more about fish larva nutrition will have a significant impact on future aquaculture industry practices.
Tunicol, led by Eric Thompson and Christoffer Troedsson, has won an innovation prize.
Keys to success in EU projects: think long-term, engage in pre-call discussions, network.
In 2009, Professor II Albert Imsland was the Department of Biology’s (BIO’s) most prolific author, with a total of 12 publications having a summed impact factor of 15.5.
Ole Brix and Ivar Rønnestad et al have just published an article entitled, “Whether depositing fat or losing weight, fish maintain a balance” in the Proceedings of TheRoyal Society Biological Sciences. the article was selected as a “highlighted paper”.