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Researchers from The University of Bergen have received funding for the project “Media Use in Crisis Situations: Resolving Information Paradoxes, Comparing Climate Change and the COVID-19 Pandemic”.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, BSRS 2020 was organized as a virtual research school.
This autumn Assistant professor Ana Milojevic arrives from Belgrade to conduct research on the media-cluster Media City Bergen.
The project is a part of the new Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI)
The article reviews studies of online democracy in Norway and argues for a more nuanced theory.
Researching young men, gaming and identity
Will study youth and digital detox.
Public connection in, the informed citizen out.
Hallvard Moe, Jan Fredrik Hovden and Kim Schrøder welcome PhD candidates to explore key challenges within media and democracy in Bergen from 8-18 June 2020.
Ytre-Arne, Moe and Nærland with new articles in European Journal of Communication and Journalism.