Research group for media use and audience studies

En familie på 60-tallet ser på fjernsyn sammen

The research group for media use and audience studies focus on questions concerning how audiences interpret, use and act upon all forms of media texts and content. We examine various dimensions of media use, including identity formation and democratic, rhetorical, social and sociocultural aspects of media use and reception. The group is particularly interested in:

  • Democracy and citizenship
  • The use of social media
  • Identity 
  • Reception theory
  • Interpretations of political communication

We frequently host seminars, in which the members of the group and others present and discuss research and issues relating to our core interests. Additonaly, members teach courses on bachelor- and masters degree level, as well as providing supervision for PhD-and master students. 

New Research Project

Ytre-Arne & Moe in new research project assigned FRIPRO-funds

Associate Professor Brita Ytre-Arne and Professor Hallvard Moe is a part of the FRIPRO-funded «Intrusive media, ambivalent users and digital detox", a project which is an extension of the groups MeCIn-project

John Magnus R. Dahl og Synnøve S. Lindtner

Synnøve Lindtner and John Magnus Dahl with new article in Javnost - The Public

Article on the television serial "Skam" and its democratic potential, in the Journal Javnost - The Public

Professor II
Janice Radway

Janice Radway is new professor II at UiB

The internationally recognized Janice A. Radway is new professor II at Department of Information Science and Media Studies.

Eirik Knudsen og Mikael Poul Johannesson

Erik Knudsen and Mikael Poul Johannesson with new article in Political Communication

New Methodology Article in prestigious International Journal

Guest lecture
Ezequiel Ramón Pinat

Ezequiel R. Pinat on activism, social media and press

Ezequiel Ramón Pinat from Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) held the lecture "Activism, Social Media and daily press: what’s missing in the middle?”