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Mathias Stølen Ugelvik will defend his doctoral thesis later this month.
Emosjoner er verktøyet organismer bruker til å fatte sine valg. Ikke fornuften.
The Hjort Centre for Marine Ecosystem Dynamics was opened by the Prime Minister this week. The Centre will provide the scientific foundation for increased harvest from the ocean.
Could cooperative behaviour between males be based on female promiscuity?
Darwin Year is over! Congratulations to the Darwin enthusiasts at the Department of Biology (BIO) who made a year of celebratory events possible. Efforts began a couple of years ago to organise events to honour not only the lifetime achievements of this great man, but also the continuing relevance of his ideas across a broad range of scientific disciplines.
The marine microbial community contributes to almost 50% of the earth’s total carbon production and thus plays a major role in the ecology of our biosphere. But do we understand how it works? Can we predict how it will respond to changes such as those involved in climate change? Increased understanding of the earth’s geo- and bio-sphere, and its bio-geochemical cycles, particularly in marine... Read more
BIO researcher, Sigrunn Eliassen proposes this as a new hypothesis to a long-standing conundrum in sexual selection theory. By offering an explanation to patterns in nature that have proven difficult to interpret, understand, and predict with existing theory, the FriBIO evaluators in 2008 clearly agreed with Eliassen that her work has the potential for significant impact.