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Jennifer Austin Master Defense

A systematic review of the tropical Indo-West Pacific genus Phanerophthalmus unravels 10 new species to Science

Jennifer Austin Master Defense
Manuel Malaquias

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On the 16th of December Jennifer Austin has successfully defended her Master Thesis, a work she carried out at the Department of Natural History of the University Museum of Bergen. Jenni performed a state-of-the-art systematic revision of the tropical Indo-West Pacific gastropod genus Phanerophthalmus, using a combination of morphology and molecular phylogenetic analysis. She ended up nearly doubling the number of species known worldwide and described 10 new to Science. During her Master Jenni visited the Natural History Museum of London and the California Academy of Sciences to study scientific collections and went sampling in Malaysia where she presented her work during the World Congress of Malacology in July 2016. Well done Jenni!