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The Museum at the World Congress of Malacology
A project on poorly known molluscs funded by The Norwegian Taxonomy Initiative (Artsdatabanken)
Investigating the diversity and evolution of Smaragdinella snails
Exploring deep-sea biodiversity across the World
A collaborative international endeavour led to the description of beautiful species of tropical shelled sea slugs
Exploring the meaning of colour patterns in tropical marine sea slugs
Three new species to science of Lamprohaminoea snails
One more thesis in Mollusca research!
Jenny Neuhaus visits the University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain
A brilliant performance by Cecilie Sørensen during her MSc thesis
Cecilie Sørensen a MSc student of the Museum presents her research on the nudibranch genus Polycera
Exploring the sea slug diversity from the southern counties of Norway
Dr Nina Mikkelsen will lead during the next two years a project on the diversity and taxonomy of Norwegian chitons based at the Natural History Museum
Exploring the unique diversity of the tropical NW Pacific Ocean
Advanced course on Molluscs co-organized by the Natural History Museum
Asilomar, California, August 2019