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Jenny Neuhaus internship in Madrid

Jenny Neuhaus visits the University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain

Jenny Neahaus and Marta Pola
Jenny Neuhaus and Prof. Marta Pola (University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain)
Jenny Neuhaus and Marta Pola
Jenny Neahaus in Madrid
Jenny Neuhaus dissecting nudibranchs in Prof. Marta Pola's lab at the University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain
Marta Pola
Jenny Neahaus in Madrid 2
Illustration of a nudibranch of the genus Jorunna by Jenny Neuhaus
Jenny Neuhaus

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Jenny Neuhaus, a master student at the Department of Natural History, University Museum (University of Bergen) is working on the diversity and systematics of the nudibranch genus Jorunna in Europe with a focus on Norway. During January and February 2020, Jenny has visited Prof. Marta Pola at the University Autonoma of Madrid in Spain to learn about the anatomy and dissection techniques of nudibranchs. Together with Prof. Pola she dissected and studied over a dozen specimens for systematic important morphological characters. This was a very profitable time for Jenny and the results will be part of her Master Thesis which she will defend this summer/fall 2020. We are very thankful to Prof. Pola for welcoming and sharing her knowledge and skills with our student.