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World Congress of Malacology 2019

Asilomar, California, August 2019

Museum party at the WCM 2019. Left to right: Jenny Neuhaus, Justine Siegwald, Manuel Malaquias, Cessa Rauchh
Museum party at the WCM 2019. Left to right: Jenny Neuhaus, Justine Siegwald, Manuel Malaquias, Cessa Rauch
Manuel Malaquias
Jenny Neuhaus
Jenny got the prize for the best student poster presentation
Cessa Rauch
Justine Siegwald
Justine Siegwald presenting her research work on Scaphandridae snails
Manuel Malaquias

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This year the World Congress of Malacology took place at the Asilomar conference grounds in Pacific Grove, Monterey between 11–16 of August 2019. About 300 delegates participated in the event this time chaired by Terrence Gosliner from the California Academy of Sciences. Four delegates from the Departement of Natural History, University Museum of Bergen (UiB) have attended the meeting and presented a total of eight works:


Cecilie G. Sørensen, Cessa Rauch, Marta Pola, and Manuel A. E. Malaquias. Using molecular tools to interpret the colour polymorphism of the European nudibranch species Polycera quadrilineata(O. F. Müller). (Poster communication).

Jenny Neuhaus, Cessa Rauch, Torkild Bakken, Bernard Picton, and Manuel A. E. Malaquias. The nudibranch genus Jorunnain Europe with a focus on the J. tomentosacomplex. (Poster communication).

Cessa Rauch and Manuel A. E. Malaquias. Sea slugs of Southern Norway; an example of citizens contributing to science. (Oral communication).

Conxita Avila, Juan Moles, and Manuel A. E. Malaquías. Diving in the cold South: The challenging biology and ecology of Antarctic heterobranchs. (Oral communication).

Justine Siegwald, Trond R. Oskars, and Manuel António E. Malaquias. First global phylogeny of the deep-sea gastropod genus Scaphanderreveals higher diversity, a possible need for generic revision and polyphyly across oceans. (Oral communication).

Trond R. Oskarsand Manuel António E. Malaquias. Phylogeny and diversity of the Indo-West Pacific gastropods Haloa sensu lato(Cephalaspidea: Haminoeidae): Tethyan vicariance, generic diversity, and ecological specialization. (Oral communication).

Maria del Rosario Martín-Hervás, Leila Carmona, Manuel António E. Malaquías, Patrick J. Krug, Terrence Goslinerand J. Lucas Cervera. Integrative systematics of the genus ThuridillaBergh, 1872 (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Heterobranchia) reveals a cryptic radiation of polymorphic sea slug species. (Oral communication).

Yara Tibiriçá, Manuel António E. Malaquias, Marta Pola, Terrence Gosliner & Juan Lucas Cervera. How the famous nudibranch Hexabranchus sanguineus(Rüppell & Leuckart, 1830) has fooled everyone – preliminary results. (Oral communication).


Read more at: https://invertebrate.w.uib.no/2019/10/07/world-congress-of-malacology-2019-10-17-august-2019/


Next edition of this World event will take place in Munique, Germany on 2022.