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Antarctic philinids get studied in Bergen

Dr Moles visits the Natural History Museum of Bergen

Philinid snails from Antarctica
Manuel Malaquias

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Dr Juan Moles has visited the Natural History Museum during October and November 2016 to work on philinid snails from Antarctica. Dr Moles has concluded his doctoral studies last September at the University of Barcelona, Spain. He has worked on the diversity and chemical ecology of Antarctica gastropods and other faunistic groups. During his stay in Bergen he performed a review of the diversity and systematics of philinid gastropods from Antarctica based on material collected during several recent Spanish expeditions. Dr Moles sequenced several genes of the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes and compared the anatomy and morphology of these animals using scanning electron microscopy techniques. Several new species have been unravelled and soon we hope to see the results of this collaborative effort published. Keep tuned!