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Language is everywhere. We are surrounded by it, use it to express ourselves, to think, to learn, to act, to communicate. Language is therefore one of our highest goods. This good is not just one language but a multitude of different languages, dialects, accents, varieties and registers.
Do student teachers feel prepared to teach English in multilingual classrooms? Synne Nordlie investigated student teachers’ beliefs about multilingualism in her fresh master’s thesis.
MoMM met the research group TYPOlex from Copenhagen Business School.
MoMMs recently presented their research at an international conference
Har du tenkt på at ordet "fremmedspråk" kan deles inn i tre?
Street signs and other forms of visual communication – such as posters, graffiti and shop signs - can tell us a lot about a place’s current and past history and the languages and social groups associated with them.
Teachers rarely collaborate across language subjects, even though such collaboration could enhance their students` multilingual awareness and language competences in multiple ways.
Research partners from Cambridge University visited Bergen.
The research group Multilingualism on My mind was successfully launched on November 23.