Norwegian molecular imaging consortium

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The Norwegian Molecular Imaging Consortium (NorMIC) is one of eight technology platforms forming the pillars of the FUGE II program. FUGE represents a national program to develop and strengthen research in functional genomics in Norway.

The Molecular Imaging Center (MIC) initiated its services in 2003 under FUGE I, and was comprised of MIC Bergen (cell and tissue imaging) and MIC Trondheim (whole animal MR imaging). The intention was to improve imaging technology and cooperation between users and to support scientists in Norway and visitors from abroad. The facility has since the beginning offered a collection of state-of-the-art microscopy equipment and image processing tools. In the FUGE II period two new imaging consortia have been created: A Cell/Tissue Imaging network, currently headed by the Bergen node, and a whole Animal Imaging network headed by the MR node at NTNU.

NorMIC consists of the following partners: UiB, NTNU, UiS, UiO and UiT. NorMIC focuses on cell and tissue imaging and collaborates closely with the whole animal molecular imaging network. The aims of NorMIC include creating an imaging network to improve communication among scientists and to spread the technology more efficiently, serving regional scientists, giving national and international yearly courses and further developing state-of-the-art technologies.